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In order to ensure the safety of our members, we've put together a set of rules you have to follow if you decide to enroll to Orangopus.

Foster A Positive Environment πŸ‘
Treat others as you wish to be treated. If it's not appropriate for your ol' grandma to hear, don't say it here.

Be Considerate πŸ‘
We all come from diverse backgrounds, and many people have different sensitivities. Stop when someone else gets uncomfortable.

Wheaton's Law πŸ‘
You know the rest...

Conflict & Resolution βš”οΈ
Disagreements should be dealt with in private. If it is to be brought into the public eye, we will purge it.

Spamming & Trolling πŸ‘Ί
Any members who engage in spamming the text-channels will be kicked. If there is a second occurrence you will be permanently banned from our community globally. The same is in accordance for trolling content. Please use the relative text-channels to use memes.

Advertising πŸ“
Use common sense. Do not DM others with unsolicited links. Furthermore, make sure the content you are advertising in Orangopus is safe-for-work. Any other content will be purged and you will receive a warning.

Racism, sexism, stalking, harassment or any other form of abusive behaviour will NOT be tolerated... NSFW media content is NOT allowed.
This includes posts/pictures that reference any NSFW content.

Secret Code: I've agreed to the etiquette
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